Feet care

Feet are indefinitely the workhorses of our body, which is vital in ensuring our mobility. They have often put in the most uncomfortable and oddest possible positions like high heels, smelly old socks etcetera. Every day your feet have to take hundreds of tons of force impact while walking.  The part of your body which you least care about is the part which is exposed to the maximum risk. This article focuses on helping you take care of your feet at home without spending too much time, not money.

  • You should make it a point to wash your feet, especially between your toes regularly with a washcloth. While taking a shower, please do make sure that you soak and soap your feet just like you do the rest of your body. If you are finding it hard to reach your foot, then use a long brush to scrub your foot. If that is not feasible for you, then, go ahead and sit on a chair while cleansing your feet. Once you have washed your feet thoroughly, make it a habit to dry off your feet, especially between your toes thoroughly. This rinse and drying procedure will help in the prevention of diseases like the athlete’s toe etcetera. It can also ensure in curbing lousy odour, bacteria and fungus.


  • The winter months often results in dry skin. To keep your feet from getting too dry and lack life, moisturize it each time after you wash and dry your foot. If your skin is generally dry, then moisturize your feet in continuous intervals. There is no need to buy expensive moisturizers, standard and day to day use creams and lotions are enough to get the task done.
  • It is advisable to have at least two pairs of shoes or footwear. This is important because just like your feet, your footwear should also have time to heal through getting proper and sufficient amount of air. Airing out your footwear is vital in order to avoid bad odour, bacteria and fungus. Alternate your shoes and most importantly make sure to use fresh and clean socks instead of dirty and worn-out ones.
  • Choose your footwear wisely. The footwear you opt to wear must fit you perfectly. No matter how beautiful the shoes make your feet look or how well it completes your attire, never wear tight shoes. If you have the case of bunions, it is strictly advisable to keep away from tight shoes. Wearing tight shoes can also cause distortion to your toes and can further cause undesired and uncomfortable foot growths.
  • To provide minimum support for you arch, always wear footwear that is not entirely flat. Women especially are prone to developing flat feet that can lead to a lot of foot-related medical issues.